Monday, February 4, 2013

Roller Coaster

What is it about this lifestyle?  One minute I am higher than high, suddenly lower than low - wait back up high - oh no quick drop - oh wait, I think we're rising again...

I read something interesting called sub drop (you can read about it here, here and here) but I'm not sure if that is really it.

Last night was incredible - like oh my God, grab the sheets, stifle your screams amazing.  Pretty vanilla though (not that I'm complaining) just saying.  Very little slapping or spanking (some light slaps on the pussy, maybe a little pinch of the nipple) but nothing extreme, nothing that I would say was edgy.

But, his hands, his fingers - the man is magic!  I had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm until it seemed to turn into one continuous one (very awesome).  I was laughing so hard after - seriously could not move.  Could not move my arms or legs, not because of restraints but because they were just so limp and relaxed.

Husband is like, "Move over!" as I lay there sideways across the bed and laughing like a loon.  "Seriously, I can't!" I laugh at him.  He hauls me up and kind of shoves me over and I roll ungainly to my side of the bed, laughing the entire time.  So absolutely (in a rock my world, completely satisfied, blow my mind, so incredible that I can never have enough of him) we had sex.  Oh, and I wore the chemise he bought me - he did NOT break the straps - so I will be wearing it again (which is good because it is really beautiful!).

But... (there's always a but right?) this morning I woke up feeling ready for more... and I tried to take more... which he "tolerated" until he realized that children were going to be up soon - so he STOPPED!  Just STOPPED!  (After re-reading I realized that I needed to clarify this so you can fully understand my angst.  I started with a hand job/blow job, then proceeded to reverse cowgirl and then, as I got really close, we rolled to him on top, behind me, thrusting hard and repeatedly hitting that spot (ya know, the good spot) right on the brink of.... and STOP!  Just pulled out and said, "the kid's are going to be up"  WHAT? NO! WHAT?)  No "O" for me - no "O" for him... who does that?  Apparently he does!

So I am ready to kill people!  It's like the worst case of PMS ever!  I should be grateful for last night, in fact I should be exhausted after last night.  Instead, I am like a teenage boy - all I think about is sex.  I just read the funniest photo essay "Addicted to Crack" on Barney married Wilma's Blog.  Yep, that sums it up for me!

I'm addicted to the highs he brings me to - he is definitely my pusher and my dealer and I am jonesing for my fix! The more he gives me, the more I want...

The problem is (again) REAL LIFE is getting IN MY WAY and keeping me from getting MY FIX! 

Laundry, vacuuming, dusting and cooking all needs to be done, children to care for and real life to live.

But secretly, the entire time I AM WAITING FOR MY HIGH! Waiting for the chance for him to take me to those heights again.

I'm an addict - I might as well admit it.

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