Friday, July 18, 2014

A few of his favorite things...

So, what toys did Jayne choose from Gabe's cedar chest? (Yes, Gabe and Jayne - finally we have names to go with their faces!)

Well, I thought I should show you some of them.  Most of these can be found at or if you click on the name it will take you there.  

Honestly, some of these are very reasonable priced and I admit to adding a few to my "wish list".

The "Steel Spade shaped things"

The "weird plastic cylinders with handles on the ends "

Size Matters Twist Up Nipple and Clitoris Suction Devices

OK, these are not on, but are pretty close to what Jayne picked out of the cedar chest...  you can find them at

Wow, I didn't realize that Jayne's collar said slave on it. I'll have to correct that in the story...

"But he couldn't hide a smile when she chose the rope.  He loved the way a woman looked tied up in rope and he loved the way they looked when he untied them and the marks remained.  There were SO many things he could do with a rope, caress her with it, whip her with it, obviously tie her up with it.  He could increase her pleasure/pain threshold by pulling the skin taut.  He could place knots around her clitoris, anus and nipples to cause direct stimulation - oh there was a lot he could do with that rope. "

Ah, yes, the hair brush... Jayne's fondest little fantasy come true!

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