Friday, July 25, 2014

Fifty Shades Of Grey vs Reality

I have posted before that Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have ruined my expectations.  Because the books were so good?  Umm, no.  Because the sex scenes in it were so hot?  Again, no.  Because it opened you to the world of BDSM?  Nope (and I know a lot of people who practice true BDSM, S&M, D&D, etc. HATE this book series). The reason 50 Shades of Grey ruined me is simple - my reality involves a whole lot of vanilla responsibilities that they seem to skip right over in the book.  

For example you're probably saying - Roxanne, why are you blogging?  This is your much anticipated (begged for and planned for) time to reconnect with your husband.  Well, a family emergency happened literally as I was attaching the thigh highs to my garter belt last night.  Everyone is fine, which is the most important thing, however I had to quickly exchange my lace chemise and stockings for jeans and a sweatshirt to go pick the children up and bring them back home.  This does not happen in the books.  Or, if it were to happen it would happen AFTER the hot, steamy sex.  Although we did manage to fit some in there late at night.  But it wasn't the swing from the chandeliers, run around naked, make noises with abandon because we have the house to ourselves and we don't have to worry about being heard sex that we had anticipated.

(To give my husband his due, somehow he took me from being quite tense and upset that our plans had been canceled to a melted, completely satiated woman who's thighs wouldn't stop shaking with aftershocks... yes, he's that kind of good!)

I do credit the popularity of the book with being able to discuss my needs with my husband.  He wondered what I was reading and that opened up the dialogue that led to this thing we do.  So I will probably go see the movie, just because I have a nostalgic fondness for the two characters that allowed me to speak up about what I need, who caused me to investigate further and find this blogging community that is so supportive.  

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