Monday, July 21, 2014

Double or Nothing - Chapter 5

Jayne heard a disappointed whimper, and realized that it came from her.  She was panting and aching and he was standing up and looking down on her.  She crossed an arm over her breasts and used her other hand to shield her sex from view. 

“Ah, Jayne,” he mused, “We really need to work on your shyness.”

She grasped for the coverlet trying to pull it over her. 

“No, No, that won’t do,” he chuckled.

She glared at him, frustrated and needy and embarrassed.  He pulled her up so she was kneeling on the bed and drew her close to him.  Skin to skin, she relaxed as his hands began to lightly trace her back.  She could feel her nipples against his chest and she tipped her head up to kiss him again.

“No, we need to talk about this.  Why are you embarrassed when I look at your body?” he asked.

It’s just, well it’s not exactly like I have a great body,” she mumbled.

“See we disagree,” he smiled and took her hand, pressing it against his erection.  “So I want you to remember this, if a man is looking at you and his cock is aching for you that mean he finds you beautiful.  Can you remember that?” he asked.  She made a noise deep in her throat in reply, reaching to kiss him again.

“Now, I want you to stay just like this,” he said as he positioned her on the bed.  She was kneeling and he spread her legs further apart so that her sex was on view.  Immediately she drew her legs back together, hiding from him. 

“Ok, I guess you need some help with this,” he murmured.  Walking to the foot of the bed he picked up the rope she had chosen.  Her legs were now tightly together and her arms were across her breast again.  He began to kiss her and she rose up on her knees, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Now this time, you remember what I said.  I think you are beautiful and I want to look at you, at all of you,” he commanded as he opened her legs wide.  Taking her arms, he laid them on top of her thighs.  Quickly he began wrapping the rope around her legs while she watched with desire in her eyes. 

He wrapped her left leg and arm together and then wrapped the rope around her waist, around her ribs and the above her breasts.  She was blushing now and her right arm and legs involuntarily moved as her urge to cover herself grew stronger.

“No, Jayne,” he said as he repositioned them.  He worked quickly and soon she could not move even when she wanted to.  Her left arm and left leg and right arm and right leg were tied to each other, the rope running across her midsection keeping them taught so she could not close her legs.  She could not cover herself, everything was open to his view and her blush went deeper spreading from her nipples to the top of her head. 

“You are so beautiful, Jayne,” he said looking down on her.  He leaned down and began to suck on her nipples, first one and then the other, drawing them deep into his mouth.  She whined as they immediately hardened and sent a fire pulsing down to her clit.  She couldn’t move, couldn't even bring her legs together and the coolness of the room made her even more aware of the hot wetness between her legs.

He stepped back and looked her over avidly.  Jayne couldn't stop the blush rolling across her skin but she couldn't hide either.  She couldn't move.  Looking down she realized that the way he had tied the rope propped her tits firmly up in the air making them prominently on display.  Her nipples were engorged and she groaned at the unfulfilled ache inside her.
He reached for the metal coils and snapped them into place.  They coolly surrounded her erect nipples, squeezing slightly.  They made her even more aware of the picture she was presenting to Gabe, her arms and legs spread, the rope holding her immobile and her breasts uplifted and presented for his gaze.

Gabe stepped back slipped off his socks.  He unzipped his fly and his cock sprang out from the confines of his jeans, thick and hard as he slid the denim down past his hips and stepped out.  She couldn't take her eyes off it.  It was so hard it pointed straight up towards his flat, muscled abdomen and she wanted to touch it, but she couldn't because she was tied up.
Jayne could feel the wetness dripping from her onto the coverlet, but she couldn't do anything about it.  Mortified she closed her eyes until she felt Gabe running his hands up her tied arms and she raised her head up, pleading with her eyes for him to kiss her.
He did, coming close, bending down and kissing her.  She tried to press her body closer and he laughed.  He flicked at her nipples and then ran his hand between her legs, gathering her wetness into his hand and rubbing it into her.  Jayne tried to press down more firmly on his hand, tried to rock herself so that he would penetrate her, but she couldn't move.  It was so frustrating that she cried out and he removed his hand, just holding her tightly against his body.

Jayne realized that her mouth was not tied.  She began to eagerly lick and suck her way across his body, greedy for any flesh that was near.  She managed to get the tip of his cock into her mouth and eagerly licked and sucked the head of his member.  He was so hard, so big and she moaned around the bit of cock she managed to get, begging for more.

Gabe turned her so that she was laying on her back on the bed and knelt alongside her.  She eagerly turned her head to try to get his hard cock back in her mouth.  “Hmmm, someone is greedy,” Gabe sounded amused as he fisted his hands into her hair and thrust his cock in her mouth.  Her reply was garbled against the thick, hard cock in her mouth.  With her hands tied, Jayne had no control over her motions and she relaxed her head into his hands, allowing him to control their movements.  She had about half of his cock in her mouth and it was hitting the back of her throat.  He thrust forward a bit more and held it there until she adjusted to his girth.  Waiting a long moment he slid out and then back into the back of her throat again.  He began to thrust in and out of her mouth and she reveled in it.  She was grunting and moaning, so turned on that she didn't care. 

Gabe withdrew from her mouth and Jayne could feel the saliva dripping down her chin, but she couldn't wipe her mouth, her hands were tied.

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