Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Double or Nothing - Chapter 2

Where were we?... oh, right...

"Stand up," he said pulling her towards him by the hair.  When she did, he bent and captured her mouth.  Just a taste, he promised himself as he deepened the kiss.  When their tongues met he groaned and captured her lower lip between his teeth, burying his hands in her hair.  She moaned and he felt her nipples harden against him.  It took all of his will power not to take her then and there.  He needed to be sure that she knew what she was in for, and that she was willing to take this further.

He broke off the kiss and she sighed as he moved away.  He grabbed his shirt from the table and pulled it over her.  She sought the arm holes and pulled her hands through.  His shirt covered her to her thighs, but instead of helping matters, he swore it made things worse.  He could see her nipples poking through the thin material.

"I need to show you something," he said.  She followed him down the hall to the guest room.  She had been in his house before, and while she had never slept in the guest room, the door was usually open and she had seen it before.  He climbed up on the four post bed and sat with his back against the pillows.

"Come here," he said.

Were they going to...? Did she want to...? What about...?  Her thoughts fluttered madly, her heart raced as she walked to the bed.  He took her hand and pulled her up, settling her between his legs so that her back was against his chest and he put his arms around her.

She let herself relax against him.  He took one of her hands, linking it with his and studying the two hands together as he began to speak.

"There are certain things I like," he began, "certain ways I like to do things."  She listened, wondering what he was thinking.  "When I have sex with a woman, I like to be the one in control," he said. She nodded, watching as he stroked her hand.

"I've wanted to have sex with you for a long time, but I didn't want to ruin our friendship either."  She nodded again, that had been one of her worries too, it's not like she never thought about it... she just couldn't bring herself to say anything and the timing was never right.

"When I say that I like being in control, you have to first understand that I think women are incredible, worthy of respect and reverence.  But, I like being in total control, I like to have intense sex and it excites me to make a woman lose control.  Sometimes, I like to mix pleasure and pain, but only because it excites me to hear a submissive woman moan, gasp and cry out with pleasure, and pain and pleasure together can heighten the experience, " he said sliding his hand up her arms and turning to open a drawer in the nightstand.  He reached in and she watched with some trepidation, what was he getting, handcuffs?  She stiffened against him as he drew out.... an ashtray and a box.  Opening the box he pulled out a joint, lit it and leaned back against the head board.  She slowly relaxed back against him as he passed it to her, somewhat disappointed and not really sure why.

"You aren't saying much.  Do I frighten you, was that too much information?", he asked.She handed him back the joint, thinking of what he had said and taking the time to answer him seriously, because he was serious about this, she could tell.

"You don't frighten me", she finally said, "I trust you and I'm not afraid that you would hurt me, but I don't really know what you mean.  Are you talking about whips and chains, S&M, like the stuff you read about in books?" she laughed nervously.

"What books have you been reading?" he laughed too.  "I'm not talking about hard play, it doesn't excite me to cause welts, bruises or cuts..." he paused as he felt her back stiffen, handing her back the joint and beginning to massage her shoulders gently until she began to relax again.  "That is why I asked you what your "hard lines" were.  I didn't know that you had no experience with this and I always ask that with women I play with".  He could feel her tense again so he took the joint, crushing it out in the ashtray and setting it on the nightstand.  He pulled her up so that she was nestled at his side, her head against his chest.

She took the opportunity to let her hair shield her face.  The thought of him with other women angered her and she was trying to figure out why.  She had seen him with other women, it had never bothered her before, but the idea of another woman in his bed seemed intolerable now that she was here beside him She idly let her fingers play on his chest, allowing them to rest in the small concave just under his pecs.  He brushed her hair back and asked her, "What do you like?  What turns you on?"

She could feel herself blushing and she buried her face against his chest.  He gently tried to turn her face up, but she shook her head, keeping her face hidden.  "I like lots of things", she whispered.

"If you aren't going to tell me, then I will have to find out for myself", he said sternly.She felt her stomach tighten at the thought.

"You are my slave, and you have to do whatever I say, right?" he asked in the same tone.  She felt weak at the knees as she answered with a timid "yes."

"Get up and go to the foot of the bed, open the cedar chest and take out the things that intrigue you", he commanded.

She got up, shyly pulling the t-shirt down and did as he commanded.  Opening the cedar chest she could only stare open mouthed as she looked at what was inside.

"Start choosing", he commanded roughly.  God, did she know what she looked like, standing there with her plump lips open, just begging for him to kiss them... or to shove something in them.  Her nipples had hardened again, he could see them through the thin shirt and the light shining in from the window back lit her, exposing her curves. Either she could never wear that shirt again, or she could only wear that shirt always, he couldn't decide which would be better, she was driving him crazy.

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