Monday, July 28, 2014

Double or Nothing - Chapter 7

He began to spank her buttocks gently but firmly with his hand.  She squirmed a bit in panic until she realized that it didn't really hurt.  She began to relax into it, even arching her back to receive the spanking.  He stopped and began to gently rub her ass.

Jayne’s ass felt hot and amazingly the spanking had made her even wetter than before.  She pressed her ass more firmly into the hand that was rubbing her and he tightened his grip around her waist. 

“That was your warm up.  This will be your punishment.  I have told you that I find you beautiful, but apparently you don’t believe me, Gabe said as he began to spank her with the hair brush.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jayne cried out and tried to move away but his arm held her in place.

“So this spanking, (Smack!) is to drive home (Smack!) the fact that you are never (Smack), EVER (Smack!) to question the beauty (Smack!) of your body (Smack!) again,” Gabe said.

The pain was intense, but Jayne was thriving on it.  It never occurred to her to say stop, instead she abandoned herself to Gabe and felt every blow as it seemed to radiate from her ass, to her vaginal area, warming her whole body and causing her nipples to ache.

Gabe stopped spanking and ran his hands over her reddened cheeks.  He slipped a finger into her and was relieved to feel how much the spanking was exciting her. 

He slipped another finger inside her and pressed against her vaginal wall, feeling the anal plug through the thin membrane.  Jayne was writhing on his fingers now, vainly trying to find relief and he began to spank her again with his free hand, leaving his fingers buried inside of her.

Jayne began to sob, feeling the hairbrush against her buttocks again and again as she thrust mindlessly against his hand.  Suddenly he stopped and pulled her so that she was laying sprawled on top of him.  He began to kiss her passionately, his hands everywhere and she cried out her need for him.  She was begging incoherently and she couldn't stop herself, 

“Please…, let me please…., I want…., please…,” she whimpered as she tried to straddle him.

Gabe rolled them onto their sides, stroking her face, kissing her.  “What is it, what do you want?” he gently teased as he ran his hands lightly across her body.

“You, I want you, I want you inside me, please” she begged.  Gabe disentangled himself, got on his knees and stretched to reach the nightstand to grab a condom.  She looked up at his cock, bobbing in front of her face. 

“Open your mouth,” he commanded.

Jayne obediently opened her mouth and he pushed his huge cock into it.

“Suck it,” he ordered harshly and she did, abandoning herself and shamelessly moaning as he thrust in her mouth repeatedly.

He pulled out and smoothly rolled the condom onto his cock.  Laying on his back he pulled Jayne astride him.  She was so eager to have him inside, so wet and ready, but as slick as she was she had to go slow to adjust to his size.  It didn’t help that the plug in her ass felt so large.  She rocked up and back down a few times, adjusting to his girth and then let herself slide onto his cock, moaning as he stretched her.  She cried out as she felt his entire length sliding up into her.  Jayne gasped as he rolled his hips and settled her firmly against him and the last inch of him was shoved home.

She was so hot and tight Gabe felt his eyes roll back as her slick heat embraced every inch of him.  She began to rock her hips in small movements.  She was so tight and her rocking movements tugged at his cock, making him even harder.  He sat up and began to suck on her nipples and she began to rock faster, groaning.  He used his hands to press her breasts together and suck both nipples into his mouth simultaneously.  She arched back and screamed, “Oh God, yes, like that” as he thrust his hips upward so that her clitoris was rubbing against his pubic bone.  He could feel the anal plug through the thin wall, rubbing almost painfully against him.  She tightened even harder around him and then she came.

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