Friday, July 18, 2014

Double or Nothing - Chapter 4

Gabe slid off the bed as Jayne approached, her eyes cast down.  He took her hand and used his other hand to raise her chin.  When she looked up at him, he leaned down and gently captured her lips. He kissed her softly but thoroughly until she lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck.  He gripped her hair with one hand, tilting her head back as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.  His other hand slipped under the t-shirt firmly cupping one taut cheek.

She wasn't sure what she was feeling but when she felt his hand on her ass, she thrust her hips forward involuntarily.  She threw caution to the wind and just let herself go.  She wanted him, badly, and for the next 24 hours she was going to enjoy being his slave. 

He let her press herself tighter against him, feeling her open to his kiss and held her firmly against his hard cock for a long moment.  He ended the kiss, waiting until she opened her eyes.  Her pupils were dilated and her tongue ran across her lips as she took a deep, shaky breath.

He smiled down at her as he said, "Let's take a look at what you've chosen."

Holding her hand he led her down to the end of the bed and they both stood, looking down at the implements she had chosen. He picked up the anal plug and looked at her.  "Why did you choose this?, he asked.

She looked at the shiny metal object in his hand, "Well, it was smaller than the other ones but I'm not really sure why a woman would want one that short.  I chose it because it looked safe", she finished smugly.

Gabe laughed out loud.  "Jayne, honey, do you know what this is for?" he asked.

"Ummm, I'm assuming it's for...", she paused, blushing red, "... masturbation," she finished in a whisper.

"Well, it could be used during masturbation," Gabe said, a dimple forming as he fought a smile, "but this is an anal plug.  Granted, it is a small one, but it would work well for a beginner...  I'm assuming you're a beginner?" he teased her.

She took a step back, placing her hands over her ass, "Oh, I never, I couldn't..." she stammered.

"Oh you can, and you will", Gabe answered as he set it on the edge of the dresser.

She watched wide eyed as he picked up the cylinders, God only knew what those were for.  He pulled her close and began kissing her again, over and over, his mouth and his tongue driving her crazy.

Gabe stopped and looked down at her, "You know, if anything is too much for you, all you have to say is stop".  "Yes," she whispered, already leaning into him for another kiss.  "You still want to be my slave?" he asked, and she nodded her head  as he lowered his, capturing her mouth again.  He slid her shirt up, breaking the kiss and pulling it over her head.  She crossed her arms in front of her breasts, but she leaned up to try and reclaim his mouth.

"Why are you covering yourself?" he asked, evading her kiss and taking her hands, pulling her arms open so he could look at her breasts.  She flushed as he looked over her body.  As soon as he let her hands go she tried to cover herself again.

"Well, this shyness is something we need to work on", Gabe smiled as he held her close again. 
He began to kiss her again, drawing her deeper until until her arms were wrapped around his neck, her nipples tightening against his chest, and her hips pressing against him.  He kissed his way down her neck and lowered his head to draw one of her tight pink nipples into his mouth.  Gently sucking he increased the pressure until he heard her mewl in the back of her throat. Removing his mouth he continued to pluck and roll her nipple between the fingers of his free hand as his mouth moved over to her other breast.  When she began to moan and her hips began to move he returned to her first breast and attached the suction cup.  Jayne gasped as it began to suck on her nipple firmly, but Gabe was careful not to tighten it to painfully.  Before she could adjust to the sensation, he attached the second suction cup to her other breast.

"Like that?" he asked gently tapping on one of the cups.  Jayne nodded as he began kissing her neck.  

Feeling his warm breath on her neck, she felt her nipples swell even more as the suction continued to pull at them. She released a breathy moan that he caught with his mouth as he began to kiss her again.

Gabe bent down and scooped her up in his arms, laying her on her back on the bed.   He stretched out along side her, continuing to kiss her as his hand lazily slid up her legs, across her stomach, and down her arms. 

Just watching her nipples filling the suction cups was amazing.  While he watched her nipples began to look enormous through the clear tubes.  He slid a hand up between her legs and when she let her legs fall open, he allowed himself the pleasure of slipping one finger along her vaginal lips.   Jayne whimpered as his finger slid along her moisture coated lips. 

Gabe was amazed, she was already so wet, her arousal was slicking his finger and he hadn't even parted her lips yet.  He stifled his own groan as his cock engorged even more.  He had never been with anyone so responsive.  Reaching up he turned the handle to increase the suction.  Jayne moaned and arched her back as he tightened the other one as well.  She was panting, her eyes closed, her hips were beginning to rock and it took everything he had not to thrust inside her right then and there.

Instead he moved to kneel between her legs and began to lick the inside of her thighs.  Jayne gasped and tried to close her legs but he held them open firmly with his hands looking at her moisture slick lips.  He nestled the bridge of his nose against her mons  and allowed his breath from his open mouth to heat her without actually touching her with his lips or tongue.  

 Jayne thrust her hips upward, desperate for some contact against her clit, but he moved away, sliding up her body to remove the cups from her nipples.

Jayne cried out as he eased off the first cup.  Her nipple was engorged and almost red and very, very sensitive.    He slipped off the second cup and she cried out again, feeling her nipples throb.  Opening her eyes she looked down to where Gabe was kneeling between her legs.  She could see Gabe looking at her and was she proud of how large and dark her nipples looked.  She could see the outline of his erection through his pants.  She could feel herself getting even wetter as she imagined him inside her.

Gabe ducked his head and gently sucked her nipple into his mouth, allowing his tongue to thrum back and forth across her swollen nub.  Jayne arched her hips and began to rub against him, her nipples were on fire, but it felt so good and as he felt her excitement increase he began to get rougher.  He switched to the other breast and she was grinding against him now, he could feel her excitement and how very hot and wet she was.  He began to pull back and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, increasing her rhythm, she was so close.  

"Sweet girl," he said as he gently pushed her away from him, "you aren't allowed to come yet.  You have to wait for it."

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