Thursday, July 17, 2014

Double or Nothing Chapter 3

She stared into the cedar chest that opened like a tackle box.  On the first row, in small compartments were steel spade shaped implements, ranging from small to large.  There were glass dildos nestled in velvet lined compartments, small egg shaped things with a wire leading to a control, and some weird plastic cylinders with handles on the ends and a pair of metal coils that made two shiny circles glistening in the light.  Underneath the top row, there was a long box that held thick rope, handcuffs, collars, a weird looking bar and Velcro cuffs.

Beneath all of this was a drawer.  She hesitated and then opened the drawer.  Neatly arrayed were whips, canes, paddles, rulers, a wooden spoon and a wooden backed hairbrush.

She gulped as she studied the array before her.  She looked up at him wide eyed.  She could not read anything in his expression to help her make a choice.  He was just patiently waiting, although it almost looked as if he wanted to smile.

She looked back at the array.  She looked back at him, and hesitated.  Now he did smile, as he said, "I told you to choose what intrigues you, but if you can't choose, I will choose for you."

"Um, no that's okay," she said hastily.  She decided to pick a few things from each row and drawer, nothing too scary.  In the first row, she hesitated and chose one of the small steel spadey things, the metal coils and the weird plastic cylinders - he said to choose what intrigued her and she had no idea what these were for.

From the second row she chose the rope and a collar, she definitely didn't want handcuffs!  From the drawer, okay this was harder - obviously all of these were for spanking.  She felt her stomach turn over at the thought.  For years she had a fantasy of being spanked... and it looked like tonight he would make it come true.

Watching her choose he wondered what she was thinking.  He tried to keep a poker face as she laid out her choices.  He was surprised she would choose an anal plug, much less nipple huggers AND the suction cups. But he couldn't hide a smile when she chose the rope.  He loved the way a woman looked tied up in rope and he loved the way they looked when he untied them and the marks remained.  There were SO many things he could do with a rope, caress her with it, whip her with it, obviously tie her up with it.  He could increase her pleasure/pain threshold by pulling the skin taut.  He could place knots around her clitoris, anus and nipples to cause direct stimulation - oh there was a lot he could do with that rope.

The collar though, that was different.  He looked at her and was surprised by his reaction.  He had used collars lots of times, but the idea of putting his collar on her... it was unsettling.  Not because he wouldn't love her wearing his collar, but, if she enjoyed what he was about to do to her, what if she let someone else collar her.  He was shocked by his immediate anger at the idea of someone else controlling her, and he knew in that moment, that whatever it took, she was his.  He had no intention of letting her go. He took a deep breath as a calm feeling replaced the quick anger.  Just because he had never felt like this before didn't mean he didn't know what to do.  He just didn't realize how deep his feelings for her were until now.  But now that he knew, well, he would handle it.  Smiling, he watched her flush as she studied the drawer but he was puzzled as the flush went to her ears, neck and chest, a sure sign of excitement, but what was she excited by?  He followed her gaze and honed in on the hairbrush.  He had to fight to smooth out his face and hoped that his erection wasn't too obvious through his jeans.  He fought the urge to adjust himself and waited, anticipating what she would choose as she obviously found the hairbrush exciting.

She picked up the hairbrush and quickly placed it with the other things.  Keeping her eyes on the floor, she walked back over to where he was waiting for her.

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