Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Very Good Morning!

Good Morning!  I am so smug and happy this morning - I finally talked husband into a morning quickie - yum!

The poor man wakes up every day between 4-4:30AM and leaves between 5-5:30AM depending on what he needs to get done that morning.  He doesn't return home until 6PM.  Then he has to take care of his family... is it any wonder he gets tired out?  Every morning he has been bringing me a cup of coffee and waking me before he leaves for his day.  I used to have my own alarm set, but this way I get to say good morning and kiss him goodbye before he leaves.  But... he would kind on tap me on the shoulder and say, "Here is your coffee." Because he works so much sometimes he comes home, eats dinner, spends time with the children and goes to bed. I've been coaxing him to rub my back a little and talk to me before he leaves.  I love waking up to him rubbing my back - it's so much nicer than an alarm clock!

So, this morning when he woke me up it was the usual tap on the shoulder, "here's your coffee, I got to go."  I asked him to rub my back and he complied - by placing ice cold hands on my bare back.  "Oh, your hands are so cold," I said, "You should warm them up before you leave!"  (I should mention that I went to bed last night in a long, red, satin negligee (but he was already asleep and it kept twisting around me so I took it off and was sleeping naked.)

So he slid his hands down and rubbed my ass a bit.  "Okay, I have to go," he said.  I rolled onto my back and took his hand and pressed it to my breast.  He pulled gently on my nipple and it was a direct connect straight from the nipple to the pit of my stomach and down between my legs - I was ready!  I placed my hand over his dress pants and felt his cock elongate even more at my touch.  "I really have to go," he said but as I pressed firmly I felt him grow even harder.  "Hmmm," I said as tapped my fingers against the head of his cock, "he seems to think you should stay awhile."

"I only have like two minutes," he protested.  I fumbled with his belt, "I can work with two minutes," I said.  "But I'm all clean," he complained halfheartedly as he undid his fly.  "I won't make you too dirty," I laughed as I slid onto my stomach with my legs dangling down, tip toes just reaching the floor and presented him with an offer he couldn't refuse.

He let his pants fall down to his ankles and took me from behind.  He slid smoothly into me (told you I was ready - it seems like I am always ready for him!) and began to fuck me with long, smooth strokes.  I arched my back and widened my legs to give him more access and he was able to get the full length of his cock all the way inside me.  He began to drive harder and harder into me.  Now, this was a gimme - this was suppose to be for his pleasure and a way for me to show him that I am always ready for him, but as he began to fuck me hard I felt myself beginning to peak.  Really, I think I am becoming way too easy!

So it was a quickie, but it was so good and I am still in a bit of a happy haze.

I know that there are still consequences from this week pending, but it was nice to have some simple, vanilla sex.  Not that I am not excited and a bit apprehensive for the punishment (I really do want it to keep me on track) but I am willing to wait until he feels he has time to effectively administer it.

So, I feel completely relaxed and ready for my day.  With all of the viruses floating around I want to make sure I get all of the sheets washed, bedrooms cleaned and bathrooms sanitized.  That should be enough to keep me busy - but who would have thought I would be scrubbing a toilet with a big, smug smile on my face?

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