Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discipline Day Delay

Sunday, well like I said I was feeling a bit bitchy.  Why?  I think because I am a bit spoiled and was craving his attention.  His attention was being spread between the children, their commitments, errands and household chores (I know, right? What kind of man actually takes care of his family? - lol).  So part of me completely understood and was so proud to have a husband who takes care of everything, but another part of me wanted his undivided attention.                                                                                                            Fast forward to Sunday night, (two children in bed, one showering) and husband decides he is tired (and he should be - he ran around like a crazy man on Sunday!) and came into the bedroom, turned on the TV and lay sat back against the pillows.  I was in the bedroom putting away laundry.  Perhaps I sighed, or maybe it was a look on my face but he turned to me and asked, "Why are you so bitchy?"  He didn't ask it meanly, he even had a smile on his face and I was so relieved that he understood.  I flopped down on my stomach on the foot of the bed and sighed, "I don't know what's wrong with me!  You've been taking care of everything and I've been forcing myself to do anything.  I 'm just bitchy and I don't know why - I don't have a good reason for it.  I think I'm due for maintenance."

He laughed at me and then smacked me on the ass really hard!  "Ouch," I yelled, "You're suppose to do a warm up first!"  "Says who?" he asked and he slapped me on the ass some more.  "Ouch," I said again as I rolled onto my back to protect my ass.  He cupped his hand around my pussy and ground it against me, "You love it!" he said.  And it was true, while it did hurt (I was totally unprepared for it) I did love it too, and he could feel how much I did.  "Begone," he teased, "go and get ready for me."  So off I went to take my bath.

There was no hot water left, grrrrrr.  Should I wait for the water heater to cycle through and take the risk of him falling asleep, or take my bath cold (yuck) and be quick about it?  I opted for the cold and quick bath, slipped into a babydoll nightie and after checking on the children (all asleep, all good) I hustled into bed.  But when I got in there the room was dark and I thought he had fallen asleep waiting for me.  But as I slid into my side of the bed he turned on his side and put an arm around me so we were lying side by side.  I snuggled against him, reminding myself to be grateful for all the he does and thinking that if I had to lie here being cuddled, warm and safe with his arm around me - well that was a pretty good deal.

Either I woke him when I slid into bed, or he was still awake, because his hand crept down and lifted the hem of the babydoll up so that my ass was completely exposed to him.  I expected some more slaps, but instead he began to rub and caress my ass, gently.  It felt so good that after a minute I rolled onto my stomach so that he have easier access to both cheeks.  He rubbed and then cupped and squeezed them gently, first one and then the other.  It felt so good I raised my ass higher as he continued to rub and squeeze.  My chest was still on the bed, but by now I had my knees under me to lift my ass even higher.  And then he gave me the gentlest pats.  A few here, a few there and then back to the rubbing and squeezing.  It was so amazing, so gentle and I was really enjoying it, not even realizing when the squeezing became harder and harder and the strokes began coming with more and more force.  I have no idea how long this went on for - it was just amazing sensations.  Suddenly I realized he kneeling beside me and was spanking me hard, but it just felt so good.  Then he bent down and began to bite me, right on the hot spots - and I was writhing beneath his mouth but it still just felt so good.  He slid down further and began to lick between my legs and I felt myself thrusting back against his mouth, wanting more.

As soon as I began to thrust against him he stopped and grabbed my hair, pulling me over to where he was hard and ready for my mouth (he must have taken off his bottoms at some point, I have no idea when though) and I fumbled to get my mouth around him.  He had taken me to some dreamlike place and my coordination was off, I was awkward and was having a hard time keeping my balance.  He fisted his hands into my hair on either side of my head and guided me up and down his cock.  I took it deeper and deeper and almost got all of his cock into my mouth and throat.  I just kept letting him guide me up and down until he decided it was enough and pushed me onto my back.  Then gently he began to suck on one nipple and then the other.  He slid slowly into me, sliding his hands under my ass when I began to frantically buck towards him, stilling my movements and kissing me as he began a slow, gliding stroke.  Slowly, temptingly sliding almost all the way in and then almost all the way back out but so slowly, so exquisitely slow that it was agonizing.  I frantically tried to gyrate my hips so that he would be all the way inside me, and again he grabbed my ass cheeks, still hot from the spanking and held them firmly so that I could not move.  I was almost sobbing with arousal when he finally propped himself up on his arms and drove all the way into me.  I think he only got four strokes before I came, a body shuddering, head to toe orgasm.  He stopped and watched me come and then drove again and again until he reached his own orgasm, which appeared to be fairly intense as well.  

So Sunday was an amazingly good night!

But Discipline Day was Monday and I was really looking forward to it because he has already come so far with the discipline.  He has become more commanding, more demanding and I am loving it.  So early Monday morning I was sitting in the dining room writing out my weekly confession of transgressions.  I wrote for two pages, both about what choices I thought I deserved discipline for and also thanking him for being willing to help me with this.  The 60 swats for weight management is already down to 56 - so that is four pounds this week!  I am very pleased with that (and I think the discipline is helping - more so that I am too busy fantasizing about him to feel hungry than anything else).  But there are other areas in which I need to improve.  When I looked at the total number I am due (based on my own rules) I found it a bit daunting, but I was honest about them.  I also said that I trusted him to met out the punishment I deserve in the way that he sees fit.  I am going to keep track of my rules (especially the weight one) but I will not dictate how many I get - I am going to trust him to be fair and to punish me as he thinks I deserve.  

I let him sleep in and I ran the children to school.  When I came home he was just having a cup of coffee.  My note was still on the coffee maker (but he was just waking up).  We sat and chatted and he asked me if I was going to take care of the one appointment on the calender.  Yes sir, I would be happy to- after all I would be back before noon.  So I ran the appointment (and got home in record time - who's excited?) and returned to find him watching a movie - my note still propped up on the coffee maker.  No problem - "Honey, I'm going to take my bath now ," I called and went to prepare.  Bathed, shaved, lotioned and perfumed I came out.  He is still watching the movie.  No problem, I'll just go do my hair and makeup.  As I cross the living room towards our bedroom (naked, just wrapped in a towel) he asks, "Would you mind making me lunch? I'm pretty hungry."

"Sure, what do you want?" I asked.  "Just a sandwich," he replied.  So I put on a robe and made him a beautiful sandwich which I bought to him as he sat watching the movie.  Now I have to admit, I was a bit pissy, and I had to remind myself that this is his only day when he can watch his movie - it's rated R and usually the children are up when he is up (he gets up really early and therefore needs to get to bed early too).  But I am still pissy enough that instead of going to do my hair and makeup I sit on the couch in my robe and watch the end of the movie (or rather glare at the TV, thinking my pissy thoughts).  He thanked me for his sandwich and watched the movie to the end.  When he turned it off he looks at me, "Is something wrong?"  "No, nothing," I say with a smile.  He gets up and lets the dogs out, finds work to do while he's out there.  I look at the clock and look at him puttering in the yard.  RRRRRGGGGG - this is not going to happen today.  We have about an hour and a half before the taxi service needs to begin getting the children.  I go in our room and put on yoga pants and a sweatshirt - not my sexy discipline outfit.  He comes back in and gets the bills out and begins to write checks.  I keep reminding myself that this man busts his butt and he is entitled to a day off, but I had so been looking forward to this! I make myself lunch and read my book while eating.

He walks into the kitchen to get stamps and sees my note on the coffee maker.  He reads it, smirking at parts and then asks, "Do you know how many this adds up to?".  "Yes, but I wanted to be honest," I reply.  He looks at the clock, "We won't have time for this now."  "I know," I sigh.  "I'm sorry, I didn't realize the movie was so long," he said.  I hugged him, "I really don't mind.  You're entitled to take some time for yourself, it's just that I was looking forward to it."  He hugged me back, "Don't worry, I'll get to you".

Kids, homework, errands, dinner, dishes and two sporting practices later I am ready for bed.  He has already gone to bed.  Knowing that the hot water will be cold, this time I boil some water on the stove to add to my bath while I am wiping down the kitchen.  I made a sugar scrub and treated myself to a cup of tea and a sugar scrub treatment.  I slipped on a satin, sequined, halter top babydoll from Fredrick's of Hollywood.  This has been languishing in my drawer because the top triangles really don't keep me in, but I figured it wouldn't be on for long.  I am so ready for tonight!  I slip on my robe, check that everyone is asleep and sashay to our room.  The lights are off, but they were on Sunday too.  I slip into my side of the bed and my skin feels like silk against the sheets.  I am so sexy, so aroused, so ready.... and then I hear the slight snores of a man fast asleep.  Nooooooo!  I tossed and turned for awhile and eventually fell asleep.

He woke me up with coffee this morning, and when I sat up to get it my boobs were spilling out everywhere.  He looked at my outfit, looked at me and said, "You should have woken me up".  I slid a leg out and ran his hand up it - "Too bad,"  I said, "I did a sugar scrub too!"  "Why didn't you wake me up?" he asked.  Why didn't I indeed!

So I do the morning routine and I have the house to myself.  I checked out Kitty-The Submissive Wife and was quite, well I am sexually frustrated at this point. So I texted my husband and said that while I had put a restriction on myself for self gratification, that I really needed the release and so could I please have permission.  Wait, wait, wait - no reply and so a quick release (easy to do really given I had been revisiting Sunday night for my blog) and then I texted him again "too late... couldn't wait".

Apparently he was in a meeting because when he texted back they came quickly.  "WHAT!" then "How?" then "You know you have things you are suppose to get done, right?"  

There may be consequences to my self gratification, but honestly it was making me awfully edgy.  Hopefully the consequences won't be too harsh... but right now it would take a lot before I would complain :)  I'll leave you, dear reader, with the recipe for the sugar scrub... enjoy!

Easy Sugar Scrub - (this works really well on winter dry skin, but it does make your tub slippery!)

I usually mix this by guess, but this is probably close...

1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of oil (you can use whatever you have, baby oil works well, or I like to use canola or olive oil)
A few drops of fragrance oil

I keep a collection of fragrance oil on hand - they have amazing dupes of designer fragrances at www.naturesgardencandles.com and I use them for scrubs, soaps,candles (just make sure they are body safe) or you can use essential oils... you will still get the silky skin without fragrance oil, but you will have silky skin and smell divine if you  add some!

When you mix it it should be almost a paste.  Then just grab a little and rub gently - it sloughs away dry skin and I usually shave with it too, it leaves my legs feeling amazing.  Towel off briskly when done - you shouldn't need any additional lotion - it leaves my skin really soft.  I only use it on my body - it might be too harsh for the delicate skin on your face.

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