Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Up to Date

Getting you all up to date - 
January 1-7th 2013

Well, the New Year started out hot and heavy.  I made our traditional New Years dinner.  We prepare a very nice spread at home and the children look forward to it also.  We had steak, lobster tails, scallops and shrimp with salads and baked potatoes.  I started preparing for dinner and my husband started smacking me on the ass every time he passed me in the kitchen.  These were not light taps either just enough of a sting to make me rub my ass, but not so hard that anyone else noticed.  The kids were watching a movie in the family room and about the 10th time he passed me and smacked my ass - well I am sure that I had quite the look on my face - my cheeks felt flushed and my ass was warm.  He walked back in the kitchen again and I braced my self for another swat, but instead he wrapped his hand in my hair, pulling my head back and started kissing me.  All of my nerve endings sizzled as he walked me backwards into the bathroom and shut the door.  In about 2 seconds my sweater was pulled up, my breasts were pulled out of the bra cups and my pants were shoved down to my knees.  He didn't stop kissing me or let go of my hair the entire time.  He thrust two fingers into me (and my God I was wet and wanting) as he roughly grabbed a breast and started sucking.  My knees buckled and he let me sink to the floor.  My face was at crotch level as he unhooked his belt.  I eagerly began to unfasten the button on his jeans but he pushed my hand away as he slipped the belt through the loops.  (Do I need to tell you how HOT it is when a man takes his belt off? - holy cow!) I looked up at him -  but he unzipped his jeans, grabbed my hair again and thrust his already rock hard cock in my mouth.  Can I just say I was a quivering mass of desire?  I began to suck his cock struggling to take as much in as I could - and then he used his belt to start smacking me on my bare ass.  He has never hit me with his belt before.  So I am kneeling on the floor, cock thrusting in my mouth, one of his hands fisted in my hair and the other swinging the stinging belt.  He swung it in a rhythm that went with the motions of his thrusts, one smack on each cheek, two on each cheek and then one more that made me gasp and pull my head away as I put my hand back to protect my ass. When I did that he pulled away from me, tucked that hard cock back in, zipped up his jeans and strolled out of the bathroom with a bit of a smirk.  

I looked in the mirror, my lips swollen, mascara smeared, my breasts overflowing my bra, pants around my knees and 4 stripes and one loop imprinted on my ass.  This all took place in less then five minutes and yet I was as horny as I've ever been in my life - and that man just strolled out and left me hanging!  I had to freshen up and go out and finish making dinner. 

So as soon as I could I was freshly bathed, hair and makeup done, kids in bed.  All evening I kept replaying the interlude in my mind and I was so ready.  I went down on him again in the bedroom, until he flipped me over and plunged deeply inside of me - but before I could gain my own release, he pulled out and came all over my ass.

Everything about it was so hot, and better than I ever imagined, but it left me one frustrated lady... We had other commitments during the week that precluded another round, and even though I went to bed each night ready he made me wait until Friday - which was the best day this year so far...

Usually our Disciplinary Day should fall on a Monday, but (as he happened to be off of work on Friday and we knew we would be busy on Monday) Friday was our first Disciplinary Day.  After getting all the kids to their schools, I came back home.  I went and bathed, did my hair and makeup and then put on a special outfit I had bought for him.  I am going to put the link with it because, as a woman over 30 sometimes it's hard to find something that shows your assets off in the best light.  As an overweight woman it is next to impossible - and this is holy hot batman when you have it on.  (It washed well too but  it can become tangled  so use a lingerie bag and make sure that you are patient when untangling it - this is a great item to have in your drawer!) (Fantasy Lingerie).  Anyway, I wore this with nothing under it and an apron over it with a pair of heels.  Needless to say, it was enough incentive to follow me into the bedroom!

As I said before, he really doesn't like the idea of spanking me, but I bent over the bed and didn't say a word.  He came up behind me and rubbed his hands across my ass a few times, and said - "do you really want 60?"  I said yes, not because I really like the spanking part - it's more of a love/hate thing.  He has really hard hands and the spankings hurt, but the burn afterwards is amazing and turns me on.  Plus, I really do want to lose weight and I am curious to see if this helps or not.  He gave me a few spanks, and right when I was trying to squirm away he grabbed a soft braided belt off of my dresser.  It's much softer than his hand, and at first it didn't feel like much, but then when he kept going I began to feel the sting.  Right when I thought it was going to be too much he stopped and knelt between my legs, licking between my legs while stroking my ass with his hands and I thought my head would explode.  All of the sensations were mixing together, the feel of the fishnets, the burn from the strokes, the softness of his tongue, the wetness dripping out of me - everything in one glorious swirl of sensation and he stopped again.  He slid one finger in and out of me, then two.  While I was adjusting to that he slapped my ass a few more times while sliding them in and out of me and I could actually (embarrassingly) hear how aroused I was.   Finally, impossibly, he slipped a third finger inside of me and pressed rhythmically on my g-spot.  I had a huge orgasm and gushed all over his fingers.  As I lay there gasping he got up on the bed and knelt in front of me.  I began to suck on his cock as he thrust it in and out of my mouth.  He began to press it deeper down my throat (By the way - I LOVE when he does that - my goal is to someday be able to take him all the way inside of me, but as he is well endowed that hasn't happened yet) and every time I took it deep he would smack me on the ass hard.  He was able to keep this up for a long time and sometimes would work his fingers inside of me, making me come again before returning to spanking my ass.  I cannot even describe this well, it was all too intense and almost too much to take.  Finally he pulled me up on the bed and entered me from behind - it felt so good I couldn't keep quiet and when he came, I came again.  

Lying with him afterwards, he held me and my body shook all over.  It was an emotional release as well as a physical one, and I felt very shy with him at first and everything was still going through my mind.  I kept replaying certain things that he did and it was like electric volts would shoot through me whenever I thought about some of the things he did and the way my body responded to him.

I began to stroke him gently and as I kept doing the mental replay I found myself ready to go again - almost desperately ready.  I took him into my mouth again, but after awhile he pulled me up on his shoulder and pointed out that our free time was up - time to get back to work.  That made me a bit bratty, because when something feels this good you want to wallow in it for awhile.  He stroked my back a few times and told me again that it was time to get up and make our lunches.  I was pouting a bit, and answered back saucily that "maybe I didn't feel like it" - three quick sharp slaps on the ass had me jumping up in shock and rushing to get clothes on.  God I love that man!

Saturday and Sunday the kids were up later, we had sporting events to attend and even though every night I was ready for more, I am still in a needy limbo for now.  Yesterday I reminded him when he had a break from work that I am now submissive and open to anything he wants.  He gave me an evil smirk and asked "anything?'  My mind went into overdrive as I readily agreed to anything he wanted.

He came where I was sitting on the couch and unzipped his pants.  I knelt on the couch with my arms braced one on the couch and one on the ottoman with him standing in between them.  This was a great position for fellatio and I think I was doing a great job (if I do say so myself) when the dogs became interested in what was going on and stood at the gate watching us.  As this was a bit distracting, we laughed and moved it into the bedroom, but I only made it inside the door before I was on my knees and trying to suck on his cock again.  (Can I say that this little experiment so far has taken me from an enthusiastic partner to a very needy and very horny slut?  I'll take his cock any way I can get it at this point!)  I did such a great job that I made him come, and when he did I pulled it away from my mouth and let it spray all over my tits and face.  I never saw him come before, not like that - not in the daylight where I could see everything.  It was absolutely one of the sexiest things I've ever done (at least in my opinion) and I don't regret it one bit.  However, that was our time for the day - after that we had kids and commitments, and even though I was ready again last night - he was tired and kissed me good night. And so I am sitting here burning for him again.

So far this week I have learned a few things.  
  1. Being submissive is hard work.  I did not realize how many ways I tried to control things until now.
  2. Maybe this will pass in time, but for right now, making sure that I am constantly ready for sex means I am constantly ready for sex! 
  3. I made the decision that I would not self gratify, that I will only have sex when it pleases him to do so and I will not bring myself to fulfillment unless he specifically tells me to.... I'll be lucky if I can make it through the rest of the day with that rule much less a year!
  4. I think he is secretly getting a kick out of me being so ready and is amusing himself by making me wait a few days in between each orgasm - sneaky bastard!
I am very happy being submissive at this point, but as we are only on day 8, time will tell.  Now I have to hustle as I have over used my computer time and need to get the housework done.  Of course writing this all down now has it replaying through my mind.... oh if only I hadn't agreed to not self gratify!

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