Friday, January 11, 2013

Truth or Consequences?

I spent a large part of yesterday working on my blog.  Then I was trying to figure out how to add some favorite websites and blogs to my own blog... then I found some interesting posts written by other Taken In Hand wives...then I lost track of time and found myself frantically trying to catch up.  I had to leave to run errands and I hadn't gotten any housework done except a load of laundry.

I sent my husband a text to see if left over lasagna would be okay for dinner.  He replied "as long as there is enough".  He had asked me to pick up a certain brand of coffee that he likes and had left me the money to do it but when I got to the store, they did not have a large can of it, only a bag - which is not what he asked for.  There are several other places near us that may have had it but, because I had squandered my day away, I did not have time to go to a different store and so I got the bag instead of the can.  I had to do "mom's taxi service" picking the kids up and taking them to various activities.  In between two of them I sprinkled carpet freshener in the living room and mixed up cookie dough.  After doing the pick up run I had 45 minutes until he came home for the evening.   I set the children to doing homework, I threw the load of laundry in the washer and threw the clothes from the washer into the dryer.  I put a tray of cookies in and ran to clean out the fireplace (oh yeah, I wasn't about to forget that again!).  I finished cleaning the fireplace, washed the soot off of my hands, took the cookies out of the oven.  I put on a pot of coffee, put the cookies on the cooling rack, put another batch in and ran in the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Ran the vacuum over the rug in the living room, sprayed some Fabreeze on the dogs' beds, took the next batch of cookies out of the oven.  Ran to spritz on some perfume (Saint - he got it for me for Christmas and I love it!), put on some lip gloss (Sexy Mother Pucker - Love this stuff!) and was just putting the last batch of cookies into the oven when he walked in the door.

I met him with a kiss and a hug and took his lunch bag and travel mug into the kitchen.  I pulled the last batch of cookie out and slipping some warm cookies on a plate I brought them with our coffee into the dining room.  Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite and he thanked me and we sat and chatted about how our days were.  On the surface the house looked neat and smelled clean (and he did ask me if I had cleaned the fireplace!) but I knew that I had not really done the work that I should have done.  I knew that while he was sitting there thinking I had done everything, that I was a good wife and homemaker, I really had given it a "lick and a promise" as my grandmother would have said.  When we started this it was with the agreement that he would not have to be a task master.  I am a strong, capable woman and more than able to fulfill my part of the bargain.  Looking at him, knowing that he had put in his full day and that I had not done my part, I was full of guilt.  

In fact I felt so guilty, that when he asked me how my writing had gone, I blurted out the truth, "I spent way too long on the computer and I should have gotten a lot more housework done than I did."  He said, "Well, the house looks pretty good ..." and I said, "yes, but I didn't do all of the things I said I would, you're counting on me to take care of the home front and I am not pulling my weight".  He stood up and put his arm around me where I was sitting in the dining room chair.  I nestled into his side as he rubbed his hand up and down my arm.  "I guess there will have to be consequences" he said. 

Now I am not a overly shy person (obviously I am baring my soul to all of you) but when he said that I felt my cheeks flame and I found myself looking at my feet.  (Remember, he was against discipline spankings to begin with and we were originally going to only do spankings on discipline day... he has really begun to embrace this - I think I may be in over my head).  He tipped my head up and said, "I think we need to decide on how many... what did you not get done?"   I looked back down at my sneakers as though they might have the answer as to how many I deserved.  "Well, I didn't get all of the floors vacuumed, there is still laundry in the washer and I didn't exercise at all today..." I trailed off as I realized I was digging a deeper hole - shoot, he never even asked about exercise (and I will admit to you, my dear reader - I didn't drink any water either - shhhh!).  "I think 30 should take care of it... do you think that I am being fair?" he asked.  I buried my head back against his side and nodded my acquiescence.  

I went in the kitchen to heat up the left over lasagna.   Yep, in case you didn't catch his text.... there was not enough left.  Apparently he had been taking some for lunch the last two days and there was only one good size piece left.  So I played short order cook reheating the last piece of lasagna and making plates of left over chicken and rice for the kids.  But in my hurry I didn't realize that I had not cooked the rice long enough and it was under cooked.  "What is kind of rice is this Mom? It's chewy"  my youngest asked and my husband replied, "Mommy got busy today and didn't have time to make dinner tonight - I'm willing to bet she'll do a better job tomorrow though."  Yikes!  I gave the children cereal instead and picked at the chewy rice myself.  

After dinner we watched a TV show together and then I went in the kitchen to finish the dishes.  When my husband came in to get a drink, I noticed him yawning.  I gave him a hug and said, "Honey, if you're tired you should get a good night's sleep" (so yeah, maybe I was a bit anxious).  "Nice try" he laughed at me.  "I think you need to hurry up, finish in here and take your bath."

So I finished, went and took my bath and maybe lingered a bit longer than usual.  Then I caught myself and realized that I was trying to put off the moment of truth.  Hadn't I asked for this?  After all Taken In Hand was my idea.  So I made myself quit dragging my feet, made sure that everyone was in bed and went to bed myself.

The bedroom was dark and he was already in bed.  I didn't know if I was relieved or disappointed as I crept to my side of the bed and slipped under the sheets.  I snuggled up to him, deciding that I was more relieved... I whispered, "I love you" and went to go back on my side of the bed.  That is when his arm came firmly around me holding me in place.  He grabbed my hand and thrust it under the sheets (where he was naked and already hard) and pressed my hand firmly against his cock.   He held me imprisoned like that, one arm pinned against my side by his and one pinned against his cock for a long moment and then taking his arm from around me he placed his hand on the back of my neck - urging me down.

There was no time to get into a rhythm of my own making - he grasped the back of my neck, thrust his cock into my mouth and began to move my head up and down.  There were no tentative, slow, deepening strokes - he just pressed me down until his cock was buried in my throat, over and over again.  

He let me up for a moment to catch my breath - a whimper escaped me and then his cock was back in my mouth again.  He kept thrusting deeper and deeper and I took as much as I could, and then more than I ever have.  I gagged and he pulled me back up, let me catch my breath again and then pushed me back down.  I was moaning and already so wet... he was laying on his back and I was curled up sideways with my head in his lap.  He slid his fingers along my slit - and finding me already wet he thrust two fingers into me, in and out working me up and then thrust them deep and lifted my ass towards him - literally pulling me to him with those fingers.  I whimpered again, his cock still in my mouth.  I tried to bring my ass even closer as his fingers were insistent upon my compliance.  

Smack! Smack! Smack! against my left ass cheek and I raised my head in shock.  He grabbed the back of my neck and pushed his cock back into my mouth.  Smack! Smack! Smack! even harder against my right ass cheek.  I was struggling to keep up with his thrusts, to keep a rhythm like he wanted me to, but then Smack! Smack! Smack! against my left ass cheek and Smack! Smack! Smack! against my right ass cheek and I was squirming away from those slaps - it's an instinct to try and move away.  He thrust his fingers into me again, and again used them to pull me back into the position he wanted.  He pushed me down, making my mouth glide up and down on his cock again, thrusting deep and began to spank me again - Smack! Smack! Smack! against my left ass cheek, Smack! Smack! Smack! against my right ass cheek - I couldn't keep his cock in my mouth.  My whole body was straining for some sort of release.  He pulled me across his lap and spanked me hard - back and forth, first one cheek and then the other, the blows coming faster than I could count.  

He stopped spanking me and grabbed the back of my neck again, pushing my mouth down onto his cock and making me take it deep with each thrust of his hips.  I was moaning uncontrollably and he slapped my ass hard... "What do you want?" he asked.  "Please" I whispered.  He smacked my ass again and I began to suck his cock again, moaning as I did.  "Please what?" he asked smacking my ass again.  I raised my head up, "Please let me..." he spanked me again "Please let you what?" he asked.  "Please let me come" I whispered.

He pulled me towards him and I gladly climbed on top.  His cock was so incredibly big, so swollen that just taking him inside me was almost more pleasure than I could stand.  He was so big, I was so wet and aching and my ass was on fire.  He reached up and pulled the front of my teddy down so the my tits were propped up by the lace and then he thrust his hips upward, making me take the last little bit of his cock.  He pulled me down hard so that I could feel his hips tight against me.  The slight bit of pressure from his thighs and hips against my reddened ass cheeks felt so amazing.  I couldn't help it - I had an orgasm right then and there.

He reached up and wrapped a hand around each breast, squeezing them hard between his hands and pushing the nipples closer together.  He began to make me ride up and down, squeezing my tits and using them to control my movements.  He started thrusting into me from below, harder and harder and then he sat up, took both nipples into his mouth at the same time and sucked hard.  It was a cataclysmic orgasm - I don't think I've ever come so hard in my life.  My inner muscles were still contracting around him, but he wasn't done with me yet.  He grabbed my hips to keep my upright and began to move me back and forth on his cock.  I was completely spent but he kept sliding me back and forth down towards his thighs and back up to his hips again.  It was a completely different sensation - it was almost like his cock was between my nether lips, rubbing between them and against my clitoris, but his cock was still inside me too.  It was like I had no muscles, I felt completely boneless and limp, but he kept pushing and pulling me, sliding me back and forth on his cock.  "That feels good doesn't it? he asked me, and as soon as he asked me that I came again - just hearing him say that in his sex roughened voice made me come hard. 

I was totally useless after that orgasm - I couldn't have held myself upright to save my life.  He flipped me over and began to fuck me hard - my legs spread over his arms and I had to bury my head in the pillow to keep from screaming.  It was just too much, too much, too much - and then I came again.  I didn't have to worry about screaming - even my vocal cords were too spent - as he came hard right behind me.  

Afterwards I was too exhausted, too completely wiped out to move.  I was lucky if I remembered to breathe.  He got up to use the bathroom and I still hadn't moved or tucked my breasts back into my teddy when he came back.  "Are you okay?" he asked me.   "Mmmm" I incoherently replied as I struggled to tuck myself back in and get under the sheets.  He covered us both up, pulled me over to him and cuddled me against his chest.  Before I drifted to sleep I managed to tell him "thank you".  "For what?" he asked me with a smile.  "For loving me enough" I replied.

He woke me up with coffee in bed this morning before he left for work.  I tried to get him back into bed with no luck.  After he left I ran into the bathroom to check out my rear in the mirror.  No marks - which is a good thing I guess, but I think I kind of wanted a reminder.... but when I got in the car this morning, my thoughtful son had warmed it up and he had innocently turned on my heated seat.  So I had a reminder all throughout my morning drive!  

Needless to say I am so madly in love with my husband today!

Sorry for the late post - I had a lot of errands to do today, including a hair appointment so my time was really limited.  Please excuse any blatant typos or errors - this was a rushed blog today.

Can I just say I am really glad I don't have to use this today?

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