Thursday, January 31, 2013

I am very excited to have been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award by Mrs. D. from A New Chapter.   I feel so lucky and very grateful to Mrs. D. for nominating me.  I don't know that my blogs are inspirational, but I do know that having my blog has helped me to find my voice... and writing down my journey so far has helped me work my way through a lot of emotions I would have kept inside before...  

I do know that other people's blogs have been inspirational to me - the information, support and stories have helped me realize that there are a lot of "us" out there.  Other people who like some pain with their pleasure, other people who want or need discipline in their relationships... and that has helped me immensely.  I will say that in listing some of my favorite bloggers for nomination, I may be missing a few of you and for that I apologize.  It takes courage to have and maintain a blog where you open your lives and your hearts to others and I commend you all.  You have been welcoming and supportive and your stories have inspired me, soothed me and made me feel not so alone...

My nominees are below.  For those of you who choose to participate here are the rules.

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person nominating you
  3. State seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link back to them.
  5. Notify these other bloggers and give them the award requirements.
Seven things about myself...
  1. I have two dogs and a cat
  2. I am allergic to all three of them and so wake up each morning with the most bloodshot eyes you can imagine - but I wouldn't want to wake up without my pets so...
  3. When we retire I want to buy an RV and travel all over the USA - and park in our children's' driveways when we come to visit them and embarrass them ala "Christmas Vacation"
  4. I never told my husband about my spanking fantasies until recently
  5. Only one person in my "real" life knows about my blog
  6. I have awesome intentions with poor follow through (which is why I like DD)
  7. I've always wanted to see Venice   
And the nominees are:
  1. Mr. BB Spanker @
  2. Kitty-The Submissive Wife @
  3. Mrs. D.  - A New Chapter @
  4. Lady Laid Bare@
  5. Life Under a Firm Hand@
  6. Red Booty Woman @
  7. Fiona @
  8. Julia @ 
  9. KayLynn@
  10. Aisha@
  11. Sin@
  12. PK@
  13. Tori@ 
  15. Taken In Hand  
Okay, I know that I am probably missing some very good blogs, but I am relatively new to blogland and also new to adding blogs to my blog... I don't bookmark sites because my computer gets used by the kids which is frustrating if I read something good and then forget where I saw it.  I am slowly but surely figuring out how to add blogs to my blog roll.  I'm sure I will get better at this as I go on... 

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  1. Thank you very much for the nomination Roxanne! I find what you're doing here by trying to write everyday for a year is very inspiring!


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