Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just for fun...

Sometimes a girl needs a little fun.  When you are working with a budget, the fun needs to be free - so I did a little shopping.  Instead of window shopping, I did a little "windows shopping" online from home.

I just had a grand old time making a wish list of all of the things that I wish I had the extra money to buy- not because I need them, but just because they would be fun to have!  You can click on any of the pictures to get more information or to see website. 


First of all  I love all of the lingerie from  How could you go wrong with lingerie that looks this hot?  Here are a few of my favorites...

The body butters from Victoria's Secret are by far the best moisturizers I have ever used.  Can't say enough about how well they work - would love more of them, as well as the matching shower gel/body scrub.  They smell fabulous too!

How cute is this paddle?  According to the item description "The compact size of this severe spanking paddle belies the amount of punishment in store for any filthy subject naughty enough to earn its sting" and it actually will imprint the word where it lands.  They have other options available, but I love the slut one!

Tighten your PC muscles with the added benefit of possible pleasure?  50 Shades of Gray led me to them and I would love to try them out and see if Anastasia Steele was leading me on or if they really are that arousing to wear. 

Hitachi Magic Wand Massager.  I don't have one...

I want one... need I say more?




 I have to thank too much erotic reading (and Christian Grey) for my fascination with these.  I really don't think that I will ever be able to have anal sex with my husband - he is just way too endowed for me to be able to see the possibility... but I am curious.  According to the reviews, the large one is too big for a beginner - but it comes with the set.



  If I got all these toys, I would need a safe place to keep them.







What are a few of your favorite things?  Please feel free to comment below and I will do a follow up post next week with readers' recommendations...


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