Thursday, January 10, 2013

Husband Knows Best

After writing yesterday, I was very pleased to have my blog up and running and sent a copy of the link to my husband for him to review.  Now, he was working so when I sent it I made sure to note that this was personal - didn't want him to open it up where someone else could see - but I got no reply to my message...

In the afternoon, I was surprised by a package in the mail - a beautiful, delicate satin slip from Victoria's Secret (Click Here To See It)- it is so beautiful, but the straps are really delicate so I am a bit worried that they might rip... in fact I am almost positive he will rip it - so knowing that I am saving it for our next kids free night.  Anyway, I had to call to thank him for the slip and still, no mention of the blog.

Homework was done, lasagna in the oven and all three kids (plus an extra who was over at the house) were playing in the family room when he came home.  I took coffee in to him in the dining room and sat and talked for a bit.  We usually try to have this quiet time for us to talk, and after I asked about his day and filled him in on mine and the kids, I HAD to KNOW - "What did you think of my blog?"  He said he actually didn't realize it was mine - he thought I was sending him another link from Taken In Hand - until he started reading it more closely.  He said, "I was like, wow, that guy sounds like me.... wait a minute..." - then he realized it was my blog and he said it was good.  I was so glad that he liked it, and I went in the kitchen to make the salad and slice the bread.  He came through the kitchen and went to check on the pellet stove in the living room - uh oh.  In my pleasure in writing and my completely sex starved distraction I had forgotten both to clean it AND to fill it.  I played innocent when he came into the kitchen to ask me if I had filled it - "Oh honey, I am so sorry, it just completely slipped my mind".  He's like, "you know it has to be cleaned out every other day right?"  So I asked if I could do it in the morning instead, but he said it needed to be done tonight.  I asked him to shut it off and said I would clean it out after dinner, because dinner was ready.  My lasagna turned out too saucy (I can never get lasagna right for some reason - it is either too dry or too saucy, but it's his favorite so I keep trying) but it was a hit anyway.  While I was cleaning up the dishes he went out to the garage and got the shop vac and cleaned out the stove for me, which I thought was very nice of him.  I thanked him and we went on with our night.  After driving my son's friend home I shooed everyone off to bed and took my bath.  When I came out of the bathroom everyone was in bed, but the TV in our bedroom was on - YES!

I climbed into bed and snuggled up next to him.  He turned onto his back and gave and exaggerated yawn and stretched - but looking up at him I could see the dimple in the corner of his mouth and knew that he wasn't too tired.  He put his arm around me and I laid down with my head on his chest.  He hadn't said anything, so I started stroking his chest letting my hand go a little lower with each stroke.  Still didn't say anything... so I slipped my hand underneath the waistband of his pajama bottoms... no objection so I began to stroke him with soft, feather light touches.  He slipped the pajama bottoms off so "you can have room to work".  YES YES YES! 

I slid down in the bed to take him into my mouth.  I held the base of his cock in my hand as I worked my mouth up and down, getting into the rhythm - and honestly, if a blow job was all he wanted I was fine with it.  I've gotten to the point where I get almost as much pleasure from pleasing him as I do when I orgasm myself.  He pulled all of my hair up on top of my head and then used my hair to move my head up and down the way he wanted me to.  Mmmmm - I love when he "makes" me suck his cock.  Up and down, deeper and deeper yet and then suddenly he used my hair to push me down on his cock even further, not all of it - there are still a few inches that I cannot take, but he went deep into my throat and he held me there for a minute and then let me come back up - oh my God - so good!  Now my hips began to move in rhythm with his thrusts - again he pushed me down on his cock and again and again.  I was moaning around his cock in my mouth and my hips were moving of their own accord.  It was amazing and he hadn't even touched me anywhere except his hand fisted in my hair.  Then he pulled my head back up, pulling on my hair just enough for it to hurt - and turned me to face him.  

Please, I whispered, already climbing astride him.  He let me, and feeling him slowly fill me as I sank onto his hard cock was exquisite.  He was so hard it was almost painfully rigid.   He didn't give me a chance to start moving on my own, but grabbed my hips and made me ride him up and down.  (Remember me forgetting to clean out the stove - apparently that was not forgotten - and here I thought I had gotten away with it!)  He began to slap my ass - hard - with every down stroke.  If I broke rhythm, he grabbed my hips to get me back and then began to spank me again.

My clitoris was so swollen all I wanted to do was grind it against the base of his cock, but he wouldn't let me.  Every time I started to lean forward he would slap my ass again.  Finally he let me lean forward and as I did he slipped the front of my camisole down grabbed both breasts in his hands and pinched my nipples.  The orgasm that had been building for days peaked, and peaked and peaked and just rolled through me.  It wasn't just an O it was seriously an OOOOOOO MY GOD OOOOOOO!  But he wouldn't let me stop - he kept slapping my ass (hard-ouch) and pushed me back up right, making me ride him again even though all of my muscles were still shaking.  Sitting astride him upright, almost leaning backwards changed the position slightly and his cock was sliding up and down hitting that place inside me.  I began to grind myself harder against him - and again he reached up and rolled my nipples between his fingers... I felt myself peak again, this wasn't a slow rolling orgasm - this went straight through me like a freight train.  There was no way I could stay on top now - I felt completely boneless and limp, but he flipped me over, threw my legs over his shoulders and began to pound his cock inside of me hard. He thrust against me and his balls were slapping against my ass, which was still burning from the spanking.  I heard myself saying "no, no, no" and I heard him say "yes" in a stern voice which made me come again, and yet again and then at the end when he pulled out he pressed his hand hard against my whole mound and I came yet again.

So 5 - yes 5 divine orgasms in one session.  Yesterday I was in dire need - this morning I am blissfully, somewhat smugly, satisfied! Perhaps he was on to something by making me wait, maybe he knows me better than I know myself.  I am so relaxed and happy today (and my ass is just sore enough for me to want to make sure that I get all of my chores done).

But today I am curious.  Last night, completely sated, completely limp and boneless I laid my head on his chest listening to his heart beat as he stroked my hair and my back.  I asked him what was the best part for him... he said the end.  I laughed and asked him seriously, what does he like best?  His answer - sex.  Just sex.

For me, the mental part of sex is a big part of what gets me there.  Its mental and emotional as well as the physical aspect of sex that allows me have an orgasm.  So I have to wonder, for him, if it is the visual (lingerie, etc.), the physical (the actual feeling of the lips, the skin) or the mental?  Actually, I would really love it if he was more vocal - I would love to have him be verbally commanding with a little dirty talk mixed it. Like in my mind, when I am going down on him he is saying things like, "that's right, suck that cock... you like that don't you... you love sucking cock, don't you, you little slut".   He's not verbal - I am the moaner (if we didn't have kids I'd probably be a yeller) and he doesn't say much or make a lot of noise during sex.  But because he isn't verbal sometimes I wonder if I am doing everything he wants - like are there hidden fantasies that he wishes I would do?  But when I ask him, he tells me that I am already doing everything he wants.  So I wonder if women are more complicated than men - or if it is just that I am more complex than he is?  Is a blow job and sex from a prettily dressed woman enough for a guy?  Don't they have the urge to role play or fantasize?  Maybe it's because my fantasy world is so vivid and he comes along with me, so in acting out my fantasies he is also acting out his?

I just hope it is as amazing for him as it is for me.  I know it is different for everyone.  Like, I know my own things, I like that he gets a little rough with me - but I also like it when he makes love to me, slowly and sweetly (we do have sex like that too - we just haven't had it like that yet this year)!  But I like that little bit of edgy roughness, that little mix of pain with the pleasure.  Sometimes I like to feel treasured and sometimes I like to feel like I am a bit of a whore.  That mixes right with me, and I am lucky to be married to a man who knows how to give me just what I want.  

And as for the multi orgasms ... my husband has always been able to make me come.  But as we added the domestic discipline into our marriage, it brought with it a level of trust that allows me to be completely free.  I used to constantly worry about how I looked, if he liked what I was doing, etc.  But by letting him be in control, I don't worry about that any more.  He's doing exactly what he wants to do - and the fact that he wants to do it with me, to me - well, that makes me feel like the most beautiful, sexy, desirable woman in the world.  Once I let go of all of those insecurities, once I let go of the need to be in control - that is when the multi orgasms began to occur with more frequency.  But 5? 5 is crazy and I am feeling so incredibly lucky, loved and cherished today!

Computer time is over - time to run the errands and vacuum - plus the bathrooms are due for a cleaning.  But I will definitely be smiling while I am doing it! 

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